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Jan 13 2021


We ARE the Nature – \"The Melanesian Way\" of Life and Living




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We ARE the Nature – "The Melanesian Way" of Life and Living				img.wp-smiley,img.emoji {	display: inline !important;	border: none !important;	box-shadow: none !important;	height: 1em !important;	width: 1em !important;	margin: 0 .07em !important;	vertical-align: -0.1em !important;	background: none !important;	padding: 0 !important;}	.has-text-align-justify{text-align:justify;}         		img#wpstats{display:none}							/* If html does not have either class, do not show lazy loaded images. */				html:not( .jetpack-lazy-images-js-enabled ):not( .js ) .jetpack-lazy-image {					display: none;				}																	About Us	Background	New Guinea	Customary Laws	Laws of the Nature	Organnisation	About SAPA			The Objectives of SAPA		Core Programmes of SAPA		Core Values & Programmes		SAPA Core Values		Work Programme	Wilayah Adat Papua	Wilayah Budaya Di Tanah Papua	 Kabupaten/ Kota se – Tanah PapuaIndonesian	Tujuan Hukum Alam	Macam-macam sumber hukum formal	Jenis dan hierarki Peraturan Perundang-undangan	Tujuan Hukum	Hukum Alam	Hukum Positiv	Surat Permohonan SAPA ke KesbangPol Kota JayapuraContact																			We ARE the Nature"The Melanesian Way" of Life and Living				PAPUA.WSIklan PapuaPAPUA.CoffeePapua is Me																																																							Strife with indigenous groups could derail Ecuador’s drive to be a mining power																																Uncategorized														December 18, 2020																																																																																								Historic inquest conclusion that air pollution contributed to death																										Uncategorized												December 16, 2020																																																												UN secretary general urges all countries to declare climate emergencies																										Climate Change												December 15, 2020																																																	Breaking News																		Scientists turn CO2 into jet fuel												2 weeks ago																				Strife with indigenous groups could derail Ecuador’s drive to be a mining power												4 weeks ago																				The FCC Is Allowing 5G Towers on Indigenous Land Without Tribal Consent												4 weeks ago																				Historic inquest conclusion that air pollution contributed to death												4 weeks ago																				Juukan Gorge inquiry: Rio Tinto’s decision to blow up Indigenous rock shelters ‘inexcusable’												4 weeks ago																																																																																																														Scientists turn CO2 into jet fuel				Jon Fingas, Associate EditorResearchers may have found a way to reduce the environmental impact of air travel in situations when electric aircraft and alternative fuels aren’t practical. Wired reports that Oxford University scientists have successfully turned CO2 into jet fuel, raising the possibility of conventionally-powered aircraft with net zero emissions.The technique effectively reverses the process of burning fuel by relying on the organic combustion method. The team heated a mix of citric acid, hydrogen and an iron-manganese-potassium catalyst to turn CO2 into a liquid fuel capable of powering jet aircraft.The approach is inexpensive, uncomplicated and uses commonplace materials. It’s cheaper than processes used to turn hydrogen and water into fuel.carbon capture UHTS IndonesiaWe Belive “Nature is the Healer!” 
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									New Guinea "Red Pandanus" Oil								
							Commonly called in Lani Language as \"Tawy\", in Malay as \"Buah Merah\", in Tok Pisin (Melanesia) as Morita, this fruit has been proven useful for neutralizing various deadly diseases.

There is a need to conduct in depth research but we cannot wait until everything is perfect when we can do something with this organic, natural fruit food.

Well, we do not call it fruit, neither we call it \"herb\", but we call it food.

Out of curiosity of one scientist at Cenderawasih University in West Papua that brought about revelations that \"Tawy\" has many beneficial elements that can potentially cure many deadly modern diseases.						  
									New Guinea "Nggame" (Bad Spirit Neutralizer]								
							This New Guinea \"Nggame\" (or Bad Spirit Neutralizer has been commonly used by all people on the Island. The main purpose is to get rid of bad spirits from the environment and particularly from the body.

As you know, Melanesian spirituality and Melanesian physicality are inseparable. What is spiritual is also physical at the same time at the same spot. This is why \"Nggame\" has been useful to get rid of any bad spirit.

Melaensians do not believe in killing the spirits, but we are aware and we do practice organizing and managing the spirits, from black to white, from white to black, from \"enemies\" into \"allies\". And Nggame can help in this without needing any mantra, knowledge, intention, at all.						  
									1. Destroying the Nature Means Killing Ourselves								
							We have been fooling ourselves, we thought we are lengthened being so we know that we can manage, control, utilize \"the nature\" for our benefits. We thought that cutting down the trees, changing mountains into valleys, transforming valleys into concrete mountains are all good for us, no matter \"the nature\" is destroyed.						  
									2. Considering Human Beings as the Master of the Earth is the Second Fatal Mistake Humankind Ever made								
							Wisest human beings will not consider himself/ herself as the centre of the universe.

Wisest humankind will never consider himself/ herself as the master on Earth

Human beings with body, spirit and mind should be the most humble, the most enlightened, the wisest among other beings, knowing clearly that humans are the nature ourselves, not more, not less, therefore, all things we do against what human calls \"nature\" is actually degrading the human dignity and dehumanizing our own 						  
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